Vehicle Buyback Division

We are professionals providing a vehicle purchasing service.

Flex’s purchase business division consists of the car specialty store, APPLE, currently with 23 stores, mainly in the Kanto region.
The used car market is based on the following structure:
• People who want to sell cars →
• Car Purchase Shops (Brokerages) →
• Car Auctions →
• Car Dealers →
• People who want to buy cars.
We find our profit between the price we pay for the car and what it sells for at an auction.
We sell a service rather than a product, and we will do our best to get the most money that we can for the vehicle. Since we are selling a service, it is up to us to present ourselves and the car in a professional manner. We are always working to improve our presentations.
Price isn’t everything that our customers want; it is equally important to them that we are reliable, efficient and that the sale goes through quickly. We focus on meeting these customer expectations so that everyone is satisfied with the transaction.
We have purchased more than 200,000 vehicles, which is a good indication that Flex’s Purchasing Division has the right experienced people in place to do the job. We offer a support system for our employees that help them do their job more effectively.
The purchasing price and appraisal standards are centrally managed by our pricing center where market data and market trends are continuously monitored and analyzed, so we can offer the highest price for a vehicle. The individual stores have access to this information, so price decisions are quick and decisive, which encourages confidence in our professionalism.
In addition, we are working on new purchasing models that will allow vehicle sales online and over the telephone. These types of electronic sales are not available at any other car purchase shops but ours.
We are always thinking ahead about how our business will continue to grow.