Message from the CEO

Even if you create the biggest company in the universe, you won’t be happy.

Since its founding in 1967, Flex has grown steadily, and in recent years it has continued to grow. While I am happy about that, I often think that making the company bigger is not the goal in itself.
In my early days as a manager, I once asked a senior manager of a growing company, “Does your company have to grow?” I remember him laughing at me.
But, I really wondered if growth was necessary for a company.
Why does everyone think that making a company big is a top priority? It might be a “matter of course”, but there was no one I could ask why this was a “matter of course”.
It might be shallow, but I think that this simple question may have been because I was young. However, it was a hint into what my future business practices would look like.
When I think about our business practices at Flex, the happiness of our employees always comes first. I don’t think there are any of our employees who wouldn’t be happy to see our company grow.
However, I think a company shouldn’t grow if that growth takes away something important to the people who work there.
If expanding the business will maximize the employees’ happiness and management’s satisfaction, then it makes sense to grow.
I value this business philosophy.
Because of market competition, it may be necessary to go on the offensive to solidify our market position, but not at the expense of our employees.

What is the Goal for the Company?

Should we become number one in the market by rapidly developing new businesses and swallowing up our competition to become the largest business in the universe?
Even the biggest company in the universe will not make me happy because there is more to life than business.
As a business owner, my personal feeling is that we should define what brings us joy in life. When we have joy in our lives, it is reflected in our business, and that is passed on to the employees and customers who find value in what we do.
I want to create the happiest company in the universe, not the biggest.
Every day, I find happiness in the time I spend with my family and friends, and I want my company to bring happiness to the everyday, ordinary work lives of my employees.
When we create a company where the employees are happy and friends with one another and with management, they will pass that happiness on to our customers, which makes everyone happy.
This is why Flex will continue to grow.

Flex Inc.
 President and CEOTakayuki Fujisaki