Automotive Division

To create a car that you can love forever

Flex began with the sale of a single Hino Contessa over half a century ago. Since that first car sale, our auto sales have been at the core of Flex’s business.
Flex is no ordinary car dealer. They have embraced unconventional thinking from the start. They were the car dealer that started the pre-sales maintenance program that is now seen in other dealerships, and they were the first to offer commercial transactions via telecommunications long before the invention of the Internet.
Those innovative genes are inherited by all of Flex’s divisions.
Our Automotive Division has two major characteristics:
1- One store, one car model where the sales are focused on either the Toyota Land Cruiser or the Toyota HiAce. Both of these models feature world-class engineering and have outstanding sales records backed by Toyota’s commitment to excellence.
The Land Cruiser can take people off on great adventures with its off-road capabilities and full-sized body. The HiAce is a light commercial vehicle with a spacious interior for passengers or cargo for business or pleasure.
As we started specializing in these two vehicles for our enterprising customers, we began opening stores all over the country, and quite quickly dominated the market in Japan. 2- The customization of our vehicles is the key to our customer satisfaction. Our experienced, professional staff works with our customers to design a machine that captures their lifestyle, hobbies, and work needs.
We provide more than a car; we provide the excitement that the right vehicle brings to their lives.
After all, no matter where you live, we are a mobile society. Everyone is on the go to somewhere: work, home, school, shopping, mountains, etc. The right transpiration is essential to a productive and satisfying life.
Flex Auto Division is pleased to help customers find and live the life they desire.