Food & Beverage Division

To continue to pursue the richest, natural ice cream to complement your life.
Our mission is to find the finest, natural ingredient ice cream.

Since 2012, our Food and Beverage Division has been operating Handelsvägen, an ice cream store with a distinctive tasting ice cream that is considered the richest ice cream in Japan.
With so many ice creams in the world to choose from, we decided that we only wanted to promote an ice cream with authentic natural ingredients. Handelsvägen ice cream met our standards of excellence.
Not only is Handelsvägen handmade with the freshest raw milk and cream from Hokkaido, it also contains brown sugar and cane sugar from Okinawa, and is flavored with high-quality seasonal fruit and Madagascar vanilla. Since all ingredients are natural, there is no artificial flavoring or fragrance. It is also free from emulsifiers, stabilizers, and colorings.
Even the chocolatiers with years of experience are always seeking out a better taste to add to the ice cream.
Because of the attention to real ingredients, it is only natural that this ice cream is sought out by enthusiastic fans, both young and old. We sell this ice cream online only at the moment, and it sells out quickly.
Handelsvägen offers a vanilla ice cream MILK BAR from carefully selected domestic dairy cows and sold from ice cream trucks. Even vanilla ice cream has a distinct taste depending upon where the ingredients are from.
We can be found at various events and parks in Tokyo, so anyone can come by and experience the taste for themselves.
Because Handelsvägen is committed to only using the finest and freshest ingredients, they are the only ones who could have created an ice cream that could be considered a luxury. We ask ourselves, “what is ice cream?”, and realize that we are interested in exploring the relationship between how food interacts with lives to bring pleasure.