Loan Division

To help as many people as possible get the desired medical and beauty care they want.

Flex Loan Division handles the financing for medical treatments like cosmetic surgery, AGA treatment, LASIK, hair removal, and more.
Self-care is trending because people want to take care of themselves, and many of the treatments that people desire are not covered by their medical insurance. We are here to help them get the financing that will make the procedures affordable to them. These types of procedures boost self-esteem and help promote a positive lifestyle.
We opened Flex’s loan division in 1994, and we have cultivated relationships with over 700 medical institutions nationwide, which makes us number one in the medical loan industry. We have branches in Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, and Fukuoka.
Because of our specialized knowledge in medical loans, the quality and efficiency of our services cannot be replicated by competitors. We ensure there is diligent communication and that patients are attended to promptly by the medical institutions.
The staff of our loan division consists of a small group of highly-profitable professionals. We encourage them to be forward-thinking to recognize future trends in the medical care industry.
Flex is not limiting itself to the loan business as it explores the organization of a medical consulting business based on the current working relationships it has with doctors and medical institutes.